AES Cellcom PRIME7 4 Button Vintage Flush Mount with Keypad (Gold) - PRIME7-VFGGK4-EU

The Prime7 4-button system is an ideal flush-mount intercom with a sophisticated, classic look. It has a gold powder-coated steel backplate and faceplate. The AES Pro app makes programming it simple.
Part Number: PRIME7-VFGGK4-EU

$1,568.00 each


AES Cellcom PRIME7 4 Button Vintage Flush Mount with Keypad (Gold) - PRIME7-VFGGK4-EU

If you require all of the functionality of the Prime7 but prefer a more vintage design, the Cellcom Prime7 is the perfect flush mount alternative. This four-button system is intended for multi-family housing projects, apartments, and condos. It has a gold powder-coated steel faceplate and backplate. The multiple-button system may process up to four digits in a single sequence with two relay outputs. The AES Pro App, which offers the best programming compatibility, makes it simple to program this system. In addition to calling mobile phones, this device can call fixed lines and has a backlit keypad.

Key Features:

  • Comes In A Gold Powder-Coated Steel Faceplate and Backplate
  • Each Button Can Be Programmed To Call A Different Number
  • CSM Intercom To Allow Unlimited Range Access Control
  • SIM Inside Device
  • 250 Permanent and Time-Restricted Codes
  • Relay Type: N/C And N/O
  • IP Rating (Intercom Only): IP55
  • Model Models: 4G Europe, 4G USA, 4G AUS/NZ
  • 300mA On Dial Out, 2Amp Peak Demand
  • Relay Load: 2 Amps, 24V AC Max
  • Power Supply: 24V DC (24V DC 2A Adaptor Included)
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Series Cellcom Prime 7
Call Buttons Four Button
Features Keypad
Mount Type Flush Mount
Color Gold
Product Type Intercoms
Manufacturer AES Global, LLC