AES Cellcom PRIME7 Vintage Surface Mount with Keypad (Black/Stainless Steel) - PRIME7-VBSK-EU

The antique surface-mounted PRIME7, inspired by stunning Art Deco designs, has a stainless-steel faceplate with a black acrylic backplate. The AES Pro app can be used to program the button system on the 4G intercom.
Part Number: PRIME7-VBSK-EU

$1,176.00 each


AES Cellcom PRIME7 Vintage Surface Mount with Keypad (Black/Stainless Steel) - PRIME7-VBSK-EU

Take advantage of all the Prime7 4G intercom features while maintaining a vintage appearance. This Art Deco-inspired surface-mount intercom is designed for opulent hotels, executive residences, and condominiums. Your vintage-style architecture will go well with this stainless-steel faceplate and black steel backplate. This intercom can be configured using the AES Pro app. Any cell phone or mobile device can be called by pressing the top button. Additionally, it is possible to schedule the timing for automatic gate opening and closing and program time-limited codes. FOTA firmware may be updated through SMS, and up to 250 caller ID numbers can be programmed.

Key Features:

  • 2 Relays
  • Stainless Steel Powder-Coated Faceplate With A Black Steel Backplate
  • 50 Temporary Codes
  • 4 Dial Out Numbers
  • Power Consumption: 300mA On Dial Out And 2Amp Peak Demand
  • IP Rating For Intercom Only: IP55
  • Modem Models: 4G Europe, 4G USA, 4G AUS/NZ
  • 250 Permanent Codes
  • Automatic Trigger Events Per Week: 50
  • Relay Load: 2 Amps, 24V AC Max
  • Relay Type: N/C And N/O
Features Keypad
Mount Type Surface Mount
Color Stainless Steel
Manufacturer AES Global, LLC