Cartell DriveGuard System (100')


Cartell DriveGuard System (100')

The DriveGuard System, designed and manufactured by Cartell, has one relay contact that activates audible devices or cameras when paired with the vehicle detection sensing device. This customizable system has the CT-2B control unit, CT-6 Sensor with 100 ft attached cable, and several compatible sounder options that boast different capabilities and features to suit your needs.

CT-2B Control Unit

The CT-2B is a single timed output control unit with adjustable sensor sensitivity. This unit supports up to four sensor probes and twelve sounders per control unit. It features a manual trip test button and includes the 12V transformer required for use. It is compatible with any sensing device with N.O., dry, floating relay contact.

CT-6 Sensor

This sensor covers a 12' wide driveway when buried beside the driveway. It includes a 100 ft attached cable and does not require conduit because of its sealed and weatherproof construction. It is wind and weather resistant so it will not detect animals, people or blowing objects, making it virtually false-alarm proof.

Sounder Options

Choose from three sounder options for this system that are all compatible and feature different benefits. The CT-A1 Indoor Sounder has a decorative cover and mounts on a single gang box. This sounder features volume control with muting and three optional tones: steady, fast-pulse, and slow-pulse. The AA-1 is an easy to install Universal Sounder that only requires two wires for installation. The weatherproof CT-11 Outdoor Sounder is ideal for use at pools, greenhouses, barns, and more and features manual volume control. All sounders can work in tandem to provide quick and accurate vehicle detection.


  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Invisible System
  • Detects Drive-Up Visitors
  • Protects Homes And Large Estates
  • System Supports Up To 4 Sensors
  • System Supports Up To 12 Sounders
  • High Quality Magnometer Technology
  • System Supports Other Sensing Devices
  • Great For Homes With Longer Driveways
  • For Residential And Commercial Applications
  • Identify Visitors Before They Arrive At The Door


  • Power Required: 9-31V AC; 10-41V DC
  • Standby Current: Under 1 mA
  • 1st Pole: 12V DC, 200 mA For Remotes
  • 2nd Pole: SPDT, 5 amps, 30V DC
  • Temperature Range: 0° F - 140° F
  • Dimensions (With Case): 4 1/8" x 3 1/4"
  • Relay Time: 1/2 Seconds - 15 Seconds
  • Relay Contact Rating: Double Pole, Double Throw
  • Dimensions (With Case): 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 2"

Installation Manual


Additional Information

Length 100 ft
Product Exit Wand System
Voltage 9-31V AC and 10-41V DC
Manufacturer Cartell, Inc.
The DriveGuard System the contains CT-2B control unit, CT-6 Sensor with 100 ft attached cable, and several compatible sounder options that boast different capabilities and features. Now available to easily choose components to create a personalized DriveGuard System perfect for your residential or commercial building.
Part Number: DGUARD-100

1) Control Boards

Cartell DriveGuard System (100 ft)

Cartell CT-2B Control Unit Only Stand Alone Single Relay Wired System

$187.50 each

2) Sounders

Cartell DriveGuard System (100 ft)

Cartell AA-1 Universal Sounder

$120.00 each
Cartell DriveGuard System (100 ft)

Cartell CT-A1 Indoor Sounder

$120.00 each
Cartell DriveGuard System (100 ft)

Cartell CT-11 Outdoor Sounder

$97.50 each

3) Gate Opener Exit Wand (Probe Only)

Cartell DriveGuard System (100 ft)

Cartell CT-6-100 Sensor Probe With 100' Cable (Use with wired driveway alarm systems and Pioneer Free Exit system)

$112.50 each