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Martec MK-8300 - Universal Photoeye Kit

Martec MK-8300 - Universal Photoeye Kit
The Universal Photo Eye Kit upgrades commercial openers with an interface module, photo eye transmitter and receiver and mounting bracket for an easy installation process.

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The Universal Photo Eye Kit upgrades commercial openers with a top-of-the-line Photo Eye system. This kit is designed to allow use of a remote sensing photo eye system with residential and commercial openers that have direct input into their obstruction sensing systems. It includes the TK-8200 Interface Module, two photo eyes and bracket for installation. Having all three elements in one convenient package allows for a straightforward, easy upgrade to door or gate system with the benefit of knowing that all of its parts are compatible with one another.


  • 30-foot sensing distance
  • Red LED Indicator On Transmitter
  • Upgrade Entire System In One Convenient Kit
  • Adds Feature Of Non-Contact Reversing Device
  • Knowledge That Elements Are Compatible With One Another
  • Provides Positive Indication Of Photo Eye System Failure Mode By Causing Closing Door To Reverse And Prevent An Open Door From Closing


  • Color: Black
  • Non-Monitored
  • Voltage: 24V A
  • Type: Through-Beam
  • Six Terminals (Power, Beam, Relay Out)
  • Can Be Normally Open Or Normally Closed

  • Additional Information

    SKU MK-8300
    Product Photo Eye
    Color Black
    Monitored/Non-Monitored Non-Monitored
    Photo Eye Type Through-Beam
    Voltage 24V AC
    Monitored Type Normally Closed (NC), Normally Open (NO)
    Manufacturer Martec

    Martec MK-8300 - Universal Photoeye Kit