OPTEX Hybrid Battery-Powered Photoelectric Vehicle Detector 100' Outdoor/200' Indoor - SL-100TNR

The OPTEX Photoelectric Vehicle Detector is the most cost-effective and versatile vehicle detector on the market. Making installation easier than ever, this vehicle detector does not require trenching or wiring and provides a choice for power supply based on protection needs. It features infrared beam technology, flex-power options, anti-frost unit, weather-resistant components, a simplified battery replacement process, and more. Use this vehicle detector in open areas or flat roofs for up to 100ft of perimeter protection, or use it to automate gates, activate cameras and speakers, or as light control for indoor and outdoor applications.
Part Number: SL-100TNR

$490.00 each


OPTEX Hybrid Battery-Powered Photoelectric Vehicle Detector 100' Outdoor/200' Indoor - SL-100TNR

The Hybrid Photoelectric Vehicle Detector provides perimeter protection in areas that are difficult to wire particularly flat roofs and open areas. This hybrid, battery-powered detector uses infrared beam detection technology with a sniper viewfinder mechanical design that features 2x magnification for heightened accuracy. This flex-power vehicle detector has options for wireless or hardwired installations that allow it to be used for a wide variety of applications including gate automation, light control, camera activation, or even audible speaker use. The Photoelectric Vehicle Detector by OPTEX is built to last with an anti-frost main unit cover, simplified battery replacement, high-quality aspherical lenses, and IR communication for low battery signals, this specially designed, low-maintenance detector is part of the Smart Line Detector Series for a reason.


• Flexible Power
• Indoor And Outdoor Use
• Detection Range Of Up To 100'
• Easy To Install No Trenching Or Wiring Necessary
• Twin Infrared Beam Interruption Detection Technology
• High-Quality Anti-Frost Main Unit Cover For Durability
• Includes A Power Converter For Hardwiring The Receiver
• Can Be Used For Indoor And Outdoor Safety And Detection
• Sniper Viewfinder Has 2x Magnification For Heightened Accuracy
• Highly Versatile Detector For Buildings, Permieters, And Even Entry
• Changing Out Batteries Is Easy, No Realigning Of Beams Necessary
• Used For Commerical, Government, Industrial And Residential Applications


• Optical Lense: Aspherical
• Dimensions: 11.6" x 2.7" x 4.6"
• International Protection: IP65
• Maximum Arrival Distance: 870ft
• Maximum Indoor Detection Range: 200ft
• Maximum Outdoor Detection Range: 100ft
• Interruption Time: Selectable From 50/100/250/500 ms
• Power Supply: 3.6 - 3.9V DC (D-Size) Lithium Batteries
• Detection Method: Twin Infrared Beam Interruption Detection

Additional Information

Product Vehicle Detector
Monitored/Non-Monitored Monitored
Photo Eye Type Through-Beam
Voltage 3.6V
Manufacturer Optex, Inc.