AES Diagnostic Remote - EDR00

The E-loop bidirectional remote from AES is a diagnostic tool that can help you calibrate your E-loop, change operational modes, and change the trip level. It comes with an easy-to-see LCD screen.
Part Number: EDR00

$367.92 each


AES Diagnostic Remote - EDR00

Are you having issues with your E-loop? The e-diagnostics bidirectional remote helps you monitor and alter the settings of your loop. With a graphic LCD display and an IP67 casing, it is created to last a long time. 2 AAA batteries power it, and this loop is easy to use. To use this device, just put the remote on top of your chosen AES e-loop, press the connect button, and it is ready.

Key Features:

  • Alter The Trip Level
  • Function To Calibrate E-Loop
  • Watch How Operation Works In Real Time
  • Check For Radio Interference
Name AES Diagnostic Remote - EDR00
Product Remote
Button Type Six Button
Product Type Transmitters/Receivers
Manufacturer AES Global, LLC
Price $367.92