AES E-Trans 50 Transceiver - ETRANS50

This E-trans 50 transceiver is designed to provide access control for both gates and door applications. This transceiver has phenomenal reach and offers a range of voltage capabilities from 10-36V DC.

Part Number: ETRANS50
$278.88 each
$278.88 each


AES E-Trans 50 Transceiver - ETRANS50

A long-range wireless transceiver that can work with both gates or automatic doors. The small design allows it to be easily installed without compromising on the range.


  • Frequency: 433.39 MHz
  • Voltage Range:10-36V DC
  • Remote Storage: 50 remotes, 4 loops, 4 keypads, and 4 entry buttons
  • Relay:1 amp contact rating
  • Multiple Modes: Pulse, latch, and hold
  • Low Current Draw: 4.5 m/a standby and 30 m/a active
Name AES E-Trans 50 Transceiver - ETRANS50
Product Transceiver
Voltage 10-36V AC/DC
Product Type Transmitters/Receivers
Manufacturer AES Global, LLC
Price $278.88