AES LBX Cellcom PRIME7 Intercom Letterbox (Black) - PRIME7-LB-US

If you’re looking for a combination of a letterbox and cellular intercom, this Prime7 Letterbox includes a black finish with a textured powder-coated aluminum bonnet. This system will work with any pre-paid cellular Nano SIM card.
Part Number: PRIME7-LB-US

$1,127.84 each


AES LBX Cellcom PRIME7 Intercom Letterbox (Black) - PRIME7-LB-US

The Prime7 Letterbox is an advanced system that includes a cellular intercom and letterbox. This letterbox in a black finish has a high gain antenna so that you can view APN on the signal level reply, and it has 2 relays. The new AES Pro app is available on Android or iPhone to install your system quickly. The textured powder-coated aluminum hood and gloss black acrylic faceplate has a button that lets residents of an apartment in and out fast. This system works with any standard contract or pre-pay cellular Nano SIM card.

Key Features:

  • Black Finish With Powder-Coated Aluminium Hood
  • Dial Out Numbers: 4
  • Permanent Codes or Cards: 250
  • Time Restricted Codes And Cards: 250
  • Temporary Codes And Cards: 50
  • Automatic Trigger Events Available Per Week: 50
  • Caller ID Numbers: 250
  • Relays: 2
  • Relay Type: N/C And N/O
  • Relay Load: 2 Amps, 24V AC Max
  • Power Consumption: 300mA On Dial Out And 2Amp Peak Demand
  • Modem Models: 4G Europe, 4G USA, 4G AUS/NZ
  • Power Supply: 24V DC (24V DC 2A Adaptor Included)
  • IP Rating (Intercom Only): IP55
Name AES LBX Cellcom PRIME7 Intercom Letterbox (Black) - PRIME7-LB-US
Series Cellcom Prime 7
Mount Type Pedestal/Surface Mount
Design Letterbox
Color Black
Product Type Intercoms
Manufacturer AES Global, LLC
Price $1,127.84