BD Loop Shield 30oz Caulk Sealant Tube For Vehicle Loop Detectors (Black)

The 30 oz. BD Loop Shield Sealant is an easy and effective way to protect your vehicle detector loop after installation. Proudly made in the USA.
Part Number: BD-LS-BLACK

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BD Loop Shield 30oz Caulk Sealant Tube For Vehicle Loop Detectors (Black)

BD Loop Shields are designed to seal in loops installed in saw-cut slots. It adheres to concrete, asphalt, brick, paver stones, and other materials. Loop Shield Sealant is made from some of the most advanced polymer materials available, making it a perfect choice for your next project. It will not deteriorate or bubble when exposed to long summer days or heavy rain. The black caulk is resistant to yellowing and is paintable to match the surroundings. It can be installed on a damp or wet surface, but ideally, the sealant should be applied to a clean surface (alcohol can be used but isn't necessary). The 30oz tube has a 3/16" and 1/4" tip blade for easy application.


  • Self-Leveling
  • UV and Weathering Resistant
  • Paintable To Match Surroundings
  • Reistant To Yellowing
  • Flat Sealant Tip Included For Easy Application
  • Can Be Applied To Wet, Damp, and Dry Surfaces
  • Made From 100% Solid Material - Will Not Shrink
  • Won't Bubble If Exposed To Water
  • Made In The USA


  • Colol: Black
  • Sealant Tip: 3/16" and 1/4"
  • Size: 30 oz Tube
  • Viscosity: 40,000 cps (Spindle 7, 4rpm)
  • Hardness, Shore A (ASTM C-661: 25 (Shore A)
  • Tensile Strength (ASTM D-412): 1.33 MPa
  • QUV Testing (ASTM G-26): Pass (4,000 hrs)
  • Elongation (ASTM D-412): 300%
  • Solids: 100%
Specification Sheet
Product Loop Sealant
Bottle Size 30 fl. oz.
Tip Size 3/16"
Color Black
Manufacturer BD Loops, Inc.