Reno A&E CR-100 AVI Code Reader System

CR-100 Includes:

1: Control Unit
2: 3 Foot Locating Wand
3: Handset Cord

Part Number: CR-100

$690.90 each


Reno A&E CR-100 AVI Code Reader System

The CR-100 Code Reader is used to identify the codes assigned to the Model AVI-X and Model AVI-XS Automatic Vehicle Identification Transmitters.
The three components of the Code Reader are a hand-held control unit, a locating wand, and a telephone handset cord.
  • LED display provides indication of transmitter code being read
  • Confirms operation of AVI-X transmitter
  • Battery condition LEDS provide indication of:
    - Adequate battery power (green LED on)
    - Low battery power (red LED on)
  • Momentary contact power switch prolongs battery life

SKU CR-100
Product Code Reader
Manufacturer Reno A&E
Product Type Wireless Edges