Diablo AVI 2 Channel Rack Mounted Receiver - AVI-222

This 2-channel receiver utilizes the "Loop Comm" protocol and is used for Automatic Vehicle Identification.
Part Number: AVI-222

$625.73 each


Diablo AVI 2 Channel Rack Mounted Receiver - AVI-222

The AVI-222 is a 2-channel card-rack type Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) receiver. This unit fits in a standard 222 rack and is used to detect and identify vehicles equipped with the Diablo Controls AVI transmitters. It uses two loops (one per channel) installed in the roadway surface to receive the transmitter's code. The receiver channel operates independently, identifies all available codes, and can be programmed to set any code as either valid or invalid.


  • 2-channel, rack mounted, AVI receiver compatible with CalTrans 222 vehicle detector pin out.
  • Compatible Detector Systems, IDC, US Traffic, and Reno A&E transmitters.
  • Utilizes the LADOT2070 "Loop Comm" protocol. Custom protocols available.
  • DIP switch addressable.
  • 19,683 code capacity.