Diablo Magnetometer Vehicle Detector with Prescence Probe and 100 ft. Lead In - DSP-14-100

Use this magnetometer vehicle detection system to accurately and reliably detect vehicles. Consisting of the DPS-14M and DPS-14S and 100 feet of lead-in, this system is designed for high-sensitivity detection applications.
Part Number: DSP-14-100

$337.50 each


Diablo Magnetometer Vehicle Detector with Prescence Probe and 100 ft. Lead In - DSP-14-100

The DPS-14-100 is a vehicle detector comprised of a master unit, sensor, and 100 feet of lead in. It can hold vehicle detection for an indefinite period and remember vehicle detections through power outages, offering an extra level of safety not available with other detection systems.

The master has two selectable output configurations: presence mode, in which the output is active the entire time a vehicle is in the detection zone, and pulse mode, in which the output will activate for a short period of time when the vehicle movement is detected in the detection zone. This vehicle detector also features Fail-safe or Fail-secure operations when operating in the presence mode. In the pulse mode, the output is always fail-secure.


  • Easy installation and easy repositioning or replacement.
  • Indefinite vehicle detection.
  • Selectable Presence or Pulse operation.
  • Selectable length of time for the Pulse output.
  • 9 selectable sensitivity settings.
  • Normally-Open and Normally-Closed Relay.
  • Sensor monitoring.
  • Fault memory display.
  • Diagnostic mode with seven-day self-correction.


  • Operating Voltage: 8 volts to 50 volts DC
  • Relay Contact Ratings: 1.0 amps at 30VDC, 0.3 amps at 60VDC, 0.5 amps at 120VAC
  • Includes DSP-14M and DSP14S with 100 feet on lead-in
SKU DSP-14-100
Product Vehicle Detector
Unit Type Complete Unit
Length 100 ft
Manufacturer Diablo Controls, Inc.