Diablo Probe Kit-75' Dual Channel Pulse Probe Kit - DSP-22-2-75

Dual channel, low-power vehicle loop detector for access control with 75? lead-in probe.
Part Number: DSP-22-2-75

$273.45 each


Diablo Probe Kit-75' Dual Channel Pulse Probe Kit - DSP-22-2-75

The DSP-22-2-75 is a vehicle loop detector with 75' lead in probe. It is dual-channel and connects to an inductive loop vehicle detector for the parking and access control industries. It uses advanced channel scanning technology and plugs into the loop detector ports on the operator's control board. Which allows two loops to be placed closer together, when both are connected to the same detector.

The DSP-22-2-75 always operates in the Fail-safe mode of operation and continuously monitors the loop circuit for faulty conditions in the loop circuit and displays the type of fault identified.


  • 75? lead-in probe
  • 14 volts to 27 volts DC
  • 181 ms response time
  • Pulse Output: 250ms on & 250ms off
  • No Channel operating current: 1.62 milliamps
  • Channel 1 operating current: 23.94 milliamps
  • Channel 2 operating current: 30.75 milliamps
  • Both Channels operating current: 33.60 milliamps
  • Channel 1 Output Rating: Solid-state, open-drain output, 250 milliamps at 30 volts maximum
  • Channel 2 Output Rating: Relay: N.O. and N.C., 30 VDC, 2 amps (resistive), 110 VDC, 0.3 amps (resistive), 125 VAC, 0.5 amps (resistive)
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