Diablo DSP-7 Vehicle Loop Detector (10-30V, AC or DC)

Designed with versatility in mind, the DSP-7 is the industry's first plug-and-play loop detector that can be solar powered and can handle any in-ground, inductive loop size between 20 and 1200 nH.
Part Number: DSP-7

$83.25 each


Diablo DSP-7 Vehicle Loop Detector (10-30V, AC or DC)

A true low power workhorse, the DSP-7 has set a new standard for access and parking detectors. This vehicle detector is available with a NO and a NC relay output and it works on any voltage between 10 and 30 volts, AC or DC. The DSP-7LP vehicle detector has been specifically designed to handle gates, parking, drive-through and other solar-powered access control applications. It's fail-safe and can be used on all safety loops.


  • LED Indicator Lights
  • Virtually Crosstalk-Free In Most Applications
  • Designed For Solar Powered Gate Applications
  • Draws Approximately 1 Milliampere While Waiting For A Car
  • Hypertrack Software Constantly Compensates For Environmental Conditions
  • Preset To The Normal Sensitivity Level Used In Parking/Access Control Applications
  • Will Automatically Adjust Its Sensitivity Level When Used On Different Sized Loops
  • Power Led Winks Continuously Once Per Second To Indicate The Detector Is Operating In Low Power Mode


  • Relays: NO, NC
  • Voltage: 10-30V AC/DC
  • Removable 7-Pin Terminal Block
  • Operating Temperature: -35°F To 165°F
  • Dimensions: 1.52" (H) X 2.9" (W) 1.55" (D)
  • Output Ratings: Single Output, 1 Amp Relay At 30V DC
  • Works On Any In-Ground Inductive Loop From 20 To 1200 μH

DSP-7 Cut Sheet

Name Diablo DSP-7 Vehicle Loop Detector (10-30V, AC or DC)
Product Loop Detector
Product Type Loop Detectors
Loop Channels Single Channel
Voltage 10-30V AC/DC
Pin Removable 7-Pin Terminal Block
Secure Side Status Fail-Safe
Manufacturer Diablo Controls, Inc.
Price $83.25