E-Loop Post Mount Loop (Loop only)

The EL00PM-RAD is an essential component for enhancing safety and efficiency in vehicle detection. It is a wireless E-loop that can be surface mounted, has dual sensor technology, and has a range of 50 meters.
Part Number: EL00PM-RAD

$418.32 each


E-Loop Post Mount Loop (Loop only)

The EL00PM-RAD is a compact, wireless E-Loop for vehicle detection. It offers a seamless solution for vehicle detection without complex wiring systems, making it quick and easy to install. It can be installed on the surface of an exit or entryway. With innovative magnetic field and radar detection, it can precisely sensor vehicles and trigger the gate opener. This model is compact, making it easy to camouflage and maintain the property's aesthetic.


    Dual Sensor Technology
  • Radar Dectection
  • Magnetic Field Detection
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Battery Provides 10 Years of Reliable Use
  • Not Affected By Ground Movement


  • 10600 mA Battery
  • 128 bit Encryption
  • Range of 50 meters
  • Material: High-Impact Plastic
  • Dimensions: 1.1" High x 8.6" Diamer
Manufacturer AES Global, LLC