EMX 5-Wire Direct Burial Vehicle Motion Detector Exit Wand (100' Lead Cable) - VMD202-100

The 5-Wire Direct Burial Vehicle Motion Detector Exit Wand, designed and manufactured EMX, detects ferrous materials in motion within 12 ft of the probe at a minimum of 5mph. This 5-Wire Direct Burial Vehicle Motion Detector Exit Wand has a wide range of power inputs and features a pre-wired harness onto the 100 ft lead wire for easy installation. It has an energy efficient, low current consumption suitable for solar applications. Use this Motion Detector as a free exit sensor, a component of a home security system, or hard wire for a home automation system.
Part Number: VMD202-100
$153.09 each
$153.09 each


EMX 5-Wire Direct Burial Vehicle Motion Detector Exit Wand (100' Lead Cable) - VMD202-100

The single-piece Vehicle Motion Detector, designed and manufactured by EMX, detects changes in earth's magnet field near the probe up to 12 ft. It will detect vehicles moving at a minimum speed of 5mph, therefore it will not detect a stationary vehicle. It can be used in free exit applications to open gates for guests without requiring access equipment such as a key fob or keypad code. Other applications include wiring this Vehicle Motion Detector to a home automation system to detect a vehicle moving down a driveway with a cable length of 100 ft. This Vehicle Motion Detector has a watertight PVC construction, making it suitable for direct burial applications.


  • Accepts Wide Range Of Power Inputs
  • Energy Saving Low Current Consumption
  • 100 ft Lead Cable For Direct Burial Along Driveways
  • Probe Input Circuitry Protected By Surge Suppressors
  • Pre-Wired Harness Onto Lead Wire For Easy Installation
  • Detects Ferrous Materials In Motion, Will Not Detect Aluminum
  • Detects Changes In Earth's Magnetic Field Up To 12 ft Near Probe
  • In The Event Of Power Failure, Settings Are Stored And Saved In A Non-Volatile Memory
  • Watertight PVC Composition Ensures Long-Lasting, Reliable Performance As Direct Burial Probe


  • Hard Wire Option For Home Automation System Notifications
  • Suitable For Solar Applications Due To Low Current Consumption
  • Use To Detect Moving Vehicles, Will Not Detect Stationary Vehicles
  • Use As Security System For Notifications Of A Vehicle Moving Down A Driveway
  • Use As A Free Exit Sensor To Open Gates Without The Need For Access Equipment


  • Detection Range: 12'
  • Output Time: 5 Seconds
  • Probe Dimensions: 24" x 1"
  • Probe Cable: 5 Wire, Direct Burial
  • Power Supply: 9-41V DC to 6-29V AC
  • Operating Temperature: -40°F To 180°F
  • Probe Housing Material: Watertight PVC
  • Current Consumption: 250uA While On Standby, 12mA While Activated
  • Relays: Normally Open, Normally Closed, Common, Form C (SPDT) 1A@24V DC, 1A@120V AC

*Probe Must Be Stationary To Function Properly.

VMD202-100 Instructions

VMD202-100 Specification Sheet

Name EMX 5-Wire Direct Burial Vehicle Motion Detector Exit Wand (100' Lead Cable) - VMD202-100
SKU VMD202-100
Length 100 ft
Product Exit Wand
Wire Type 5 Wire
Voltage 9-41V DC or 6-29V AC
Unit Type Probe Only
Product Type Exit Wand
Manufacturer EMX Industries, Inc.
Price $153.09

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