EMX GSM Access Control & 365 Day Timer - 2000 Users - CELLOPENER-365

Remotely monitor and control gate and garage door access with the EMX GSM Access Control system with 365 Day Timer system. Register up to 2000 users, grant temporary access, and set timers, enhancing safety and security year-round.
Part Number: CELLOPENER-365

$344.64 each


EMX GSM Access Control & 365 Day Timer - 2000 Users - CELLOPENER-365

The EMX GSM Access Control System with a 365 Day Timer is an access control system that allows up to 2000 registered users to operate a gate or garage door using their phone. Perfect for multi-residential and commercial applications, this system is simple to install and use. Activate the GSM SIM that comes with the system when installing. Grant temporary access, remotely control access, and configure settings. This kit included the access control system, an antenna cable, and a lead cable.

This system also offers weekly and 365-day timer abilities, maximizing security and access management. Set the timer to activate the gate on certain days and times or to specifically not open it during a holiday. The GSM network ensures the system is always adjusted for the current time and day.


  • 2000 Programmable Users
  • Weekly & 365 Day Timer
  • Auto Adjust for Day Light Savings
  • Remote Programming
  • SIM Card Included
  • Cell Phone SMS Activation Required


  • Power: 12V – 18V AC or DC
  • Cellular Network: 3G, 4G
  • Standby Current LEDs Enabled: 23mA @ 12 VDC / 16mA @ 18 VDC
  • Standby Current LEDs Disabled: 20mA @ 12 VDC / 14mA @ 18 VDC
  • Maximum Authorized Users: 1600 Normal Users and 400 Special Users
  • Relay Contact Rating: 5A at 24V
  • Operating Temperature: Min -40°C / Max 65°C
  • Antenna Cable Length: 1 m (39.4 inches)
  • Lead Cable Length: 0.5 m (19.7 inches)


Specification Sheet

Sim Card Quick Start Guide

Name EMX GSM Access Control & 365 Day Timer - 2000 Users - CELLOPENER-365
User Capacity 2000
Features 365 Day Timer, Cellular Management, Weekly Timer
Voltage 12V AC/DC
Price $344.64