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At Gate Opener Safety we want you to have all of the facts before you make your purchase. The following are some helpful links that may educate you on gate operators or on gate opener safety.

All About Loops - How do loops work? How many loops do I need for my gate? Get all the answers here.

Loop Size Chart - Quickly find the loop size you need.

Gate Safety - Some helpful information on on gate safety and why it is important.

10 Gate Opener Safety Tips - Ten tips we thought would be vital for everyone to know for the safe operation of their automatic gate.

UL 325 Standard - Find out what the UL Standard is and why it is important.

F2200 Safety Requirements - Know what you need to make your gate comply with the ASTM F2200 safety standards.

Gate Safety Signs - An index of standard automatic gate opener safety signs and what they mean. Remember: The proper warning signs should be displayed on both sides of your gate.

Millers Edge Safety Regulations - Know all of the safety regulations required for safe operation of Millers Edge brand equipment.

Solar Power Information - You can safe big on your energy bill each year simply by switching to a solar powered energy solution for your automatic gate.

Gate Operator Safety Devices - A list of recommended types of gate opener safety devices and what they do for you to keep you safe.

Sensing Edges - What is a sensing edge? Learn the ins and outs of monitored and non-monitored gate sensing edges.