Miller Edge MWave: Intelligent Radar Sensor for Doors - MWAVE

The MWave Radar Sensor is a hands-free radar motion sensor with detection abilities that differentiate between approaching, cross-traffic, pedestrian, and vehicular traffic. This Edge Miller MWave comes with connection cables and mounting screws.
Part Number: MWAVE

$188.69 each


Miller Edge MWave: Intelligent Radar Sensor for Doors - MWAVE

The MWave Intelligent Radar Sensor for Doors is created to be a fully customizable hands-free radar motion sensor that also includes dual relays. The highly reliable dual-relay design allows detection capabilities that distinguish between approaching, cross-traffic, and pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Installation Instructions

  • For Mounting Bracket: Place Above The Door In A Location That Is In Line of Sight Of The MWave
  • For Wall/Ceiling Mounting: Drill The Holes Per Dimension Drawing In PDF And Attach Mounting Bracket
  • Securing The Sensor: Loosen The Long Screw And Remove The Long Screw, Insert Swivel, Tighten The Long Screw, Then Connect Cable To Door Opener
  • Specifications:

    • Technology: Microwave Doppler Radar
    • Detection Mode: Radar Motion Sensor
    • Temperature Range: -4° to +140°F (-20 to 60°C)
    • Humidity: Maximum 90% Non-Condensing
    • Degree of Protection: IP67: NEMA 6
    • Supply Voltage: 12-36 V DC, 12-28 V AC
    • Power Consumption: Maximum <1 W
    • Switching Mode: Active/Passive
    • Color: Black
    • Materials: Polycarbonate Housing

    Key Features:

    • Hands-Free Radar Motion Sensor
    • Can Distinguish Between Car And Pedestrian Traffic
    • Has LED Display Statuses
    • Comes With MWave, Connection Cable, And Mounting Screws