Miller Edge Wireless Air-Wave Edge System: AW14-RF (transmitter), MRF-01 (receiver) - AW14-RF-K10

A quality air-wave wireless system for compatible Miller Edge Air-Wave sensing edges, this Air-Wave edge system transmitter also comes with the MRF-01 receiver. This system uses air pressure to alert the gate opener if it needs to stop or reverse.
Part Number: AW14-RF-K10

$143.72 each


Miller Edge Wireless Air-Wave Edge System: AW14-RF (transmitter), MRF-01 (receiver) - AW14-RF-K10

One of the most advanced systems, the Miller Edge Wireless Edge System uses air pressure through an airwave sensing edge to activate diaphragm contact with the wireless transmitter switch. This contact changes the pressure wave into an electrical contact and then alerts the opener to stop or reverse. These systems are ideal for cold weather or doors. No longer will you need to use hardware coil cords or retracting reels. Save time on installation and maintenance with the Miller Edge Wireless Edge System.

Key Features:

  • Includes MRF-01 Reciever And AW14-RF Transmitter
  • Easy To Install
  • Non-Monitored System That Is Compatible With Door Openers Made Before August 2010
  • Operate From Up To 100 Feet Away
  • Can Be Adjusted For Sensitivity
  • Release Valve Helps Relieve Pressure And Temperature Compensation
  • Works With Standard Pneumatic Hose And Miller Edge Extrusion
  • 2-Year Warranty


  • Operating Temperature: +14°F to +158°F
  • Frequency: 915 MHz
  • Dimensions: 3-3/4 W x 4-7/16 H x 1-1/4 D in. (95 x 113 x 32 mm) For Reciever And 1-15/16 W x 3-3/8 H x 1-11/16 D in. (50 x 85 x 43 mm) For Transmitter
  • Enclosure Material: Polycarbonate For Receiver And ABS Enclosure For Transmitter
  • LED Indicators: Power, Status, Channel 1 For Reciever And Transmit For Transmitter
  • Antenna: Attached Wire For Reciever