MMTC 1 Button Transmitter - 9931T

Pulsar gate and garage door opener remote transmitter operates at 318MHz and replaces Pulsar, Allister, Allstar, and Heddolf remote transmitters.
Part Number: 9931T

$35.70 each


MMTC 1 Button Transmitter - 9931T

The Pulsar 9931T garage door opener and gate remote transmitter replaces Pulsar, Allstar, Allister, and Heddolf remotes operating on 318 MHz. It includes a 9-volt battery and visor clip and is programmed using an 8 DIP switch, three-position (trinary) format. Includes programming and activation directions to match this format to the 9 DIP format of your original equipment.


  • Compatible with Pulsar, Allstar, Allister and Heddolf receivers
  • Includes 9V battery and visor clip
  • 8 or 9 DIP, 3-position format
Name MMTC 1 Button Transmitter - 9931T
SKU 9931T
Product Transmitter
Price $35.70