MMTC 1 Button Transmitter - MCT-1

Use this Megacode 318 MHz Transmitter with compatible gate openers. This transmitter and remote include a removable visor clip.
Part Number: MCT-1

$27.75 each


MMTC 1 Button Transmitter - MCT-1

The MMTC 1-Button Transmitter is a Megacode 1-Channel key visor transmitter that has a removable visor clip. It is in Megacode Format, which is 318 MHz. It can be tested and operated with an LED. It has a 9-volt battery.

Key Features

  • Made For One Megacode Reciever
  • Can Be Tested And Operated With LED
  • Includes Visor Clip
  • Dimensions: 2.16" W x 3.75" H x .95" D
Name MMTC 1 Button Transmitter - MCT-1
Product Transmitter
Price $27.75