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MMTC 11 Pin Harness - TA HARNESS

MMTC 11 Pin Harness - TA HARNESS
MMTC 11 Pin Harness For Use With Vehicle Loop Detectors

$11.55 each


The MMTC 11-Pin Harness is an 11-pin configuration device engineered for easy wiring and installation of EMX Loop Detector systems. It can be used in place of the detector's terminal block and with color-coded wiring, it has a simple, straightforward installation process.


  • Non-Jacketed Wiring
  • 11-Wire Configuration
  • Can Be Used In Place Of Terminal Block
  • Designed For Vehicle Loop Detector Systems


  • Cable Length: 3'
  • #20 AWG Wire
  • Color-Coded Wiring
  • Relay Configurations: NO, NC, C

Additional Information

SKU TA Harness
Product Pin Harness
Pin 11 Pin
Manufacturer MMTC, Inc.

MMTC 11 Pin Harness - TA HARNESS