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MMTC 4x8P - Direct Burial Preformed Loop

MMTC 4x8P - Direct Burial Preformed Loop
This preformed, direct burial loop comes in a standard 4' by 8' section and has a 30' lead-in wire.

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The MMTC 4X8P Paveover Preformed Loop comes with a 30-foot lead and 4X8-foot loop. The loop is supplied with 18 AWG insulated wire and is suited for detecting a vehicle in a smaller driving or parking area. As the vehicle passes over the loop, it breaks the circuit, prompting the loop detector to send a signal to a relay in the garage or gate opener. Gate and door safety matter and with this loop, a system becomes safer and more functional.


  • PVC-Insulated
  • Loop Type: Direct Burial
  • 6.4Ω Wire Resistance Per Foot
  • Preformed For Ease Of Installation
  • Specifically Designed For An Exact Fit
  • Loop And Lead In Cables Are Flexible And Easy To Install

Loop Specifications:

  • Loop Size: 32'
  • Turns: 4
  • Cable Diameter: 0.0403"
  • Inductance: 100
  • Detection Height: 4'

Lead-In Cable Specifications:

  • Length: 30'
  • Wire Insulation: PVC
  • Conductor: #18 AWG
  • Number Of Conductors: 1
  • Material: Nickel-Plate Copper Cable

Additional Information

Product Preformed Loop
Loop Type Direct Burial
Manufacturer MMTC, Inc.

MMTC 4x8P - Direct Burial Preformed Loop