1-Channe Megacode Gate Receiver - MGR

Use this 1-channel MegaCode receiver for your automatic gate opener system and where a remote antenna is needed. Uses MegaCode radio format and auto-voltage-sensing.
Part Number: MGR
$69.83 each
$69.83 each


1-Channe Megacode Gate Receiver - MGR

The MGR is a 1-Channel Gate Receiver with MegaCode format it is designed for use with automatic gate operators or systems where a remote antenna is needed. Its auto-sensing eliminates any chances of damage to either the gate operator or the receiver from running off the wrong voltage. The MegaCode radio format with over a million possible code combinations, unlike the "coding switch" receivers and transmitters. Each transmitter is pre-set at the factory to a unique code. The receiver stores the transmitter's code into the receiver's memory. The receiver will retain its memory even without power. The receiver will activate only from these "memorized" transmitters. Program up to 40 transmitters into the receiver. The MGR is compatible with all MegaCode transmitters, including two and four-channel models and wireless keypads.


  • Simple programming
  • Auto-voltage sensing
  • Pre-set code
  • program with up to 40 Transmitters


  • "F" connector for attaching an antenna
  • 9-inch whip antenna
  • 3 feet of 75 Ohm coaxial cable
  • Bulkhead connector for mounting
  • Mounting hardware


  • 318 MHz
  • Single Form "A" (NO or normally open) relay
  • Relay rated at 30 Volts AC/DC up to 5 Amps
  • Voltage: 12-30 volts AC or 10.5-30 volts DC
Name 1-Channe Megacode Gate Receiver - MGR
Price $69.83