Optex Motion and Presence Detector - OAM-Explorer

Optex motion and presence detector capable of pairing with indicator/warning lights and alarms for pedestrian and vehicle safety.
Part Number: OAM-Explorer
$492.00 each
$492.00 each


Optex Motion and Presence Detector - OAM-Explorer

The Optex OAM-Explorer is a cutting-edge sensor designed for safety and enhanced operational efficiency. It combines activation and supplementary safety features and employs advanced technology to ensure coverage and reliable performance. It has a large microwave detection area that serves as an efficient activation sensor and integrated infrared technology for superior sensing. It can control external devices, such as warning lights or alarms, ensuring that everyone is aware of the door's movements, and reducing the risk of accidents and collisions. The OAM-EXPLORER can be set up and configured with the smartphone app.


  • Large detection range
  • Audible and visual movement indicators
  • Easy set up


  • 12-24 VAC/DC
  • NEMA
  • 6’ 7” – 19’ 8” mounting height
Name Optex Motion and Presence Detector - OAM-Explorer
SKU OAM-Explorer
Price $492.00