Reno A&E K Series PC Board Type Loop Detector K-24

Reno A&E K Series PC Board Type Loop Detector K-24 - 24 VAC, Fail-Safe
Part Number: K-24

$88.76 each


Reno A&E K Series PC Board Type Loop Detector K-24

The Reno A&E K-24 K Series PC Board Type Loop Detector is a single-channel, dual-output, PC Board-type vehicle detector that incorporates the reliable vehicle detection technology found in all of Reno A&E's vehicle detectors. All detector functions and settings are easy to configure using a set of eight external DIP switches and a simple to use eight-position rotary switch. The Model K is a full-featured, comprehensive loop detector in a compact package.


  • Fail-Safe
  • Four Loop Frequencies Selectable Using DIP Switches
  • Eight Levels Of Sensitivity Selection Using Rotary Switch
  • Super Bright LED Indicators For Power, Detect, And Loop Fail Conditions
  • Fail LED Indicates Current Loop Failures Or Loop Failures That Have Occurred
  • Sensitivity Boost For Gate Operation Where High-Bed Vehicles Might Be Encountered
  • Detect Memory Feature Maintains Detection During Momentary Power Interruptions For Up To Two Seconds


  • Fail Output
  • Pulse-on-Exit
  • Pulse-on-Entry
  • Power: 24V AC
  • Relays: NC, NO, C
  • 10-Pin Male Molex Connector
  • Delay Outputs A & B For Two Seconds
  • Dimensions: 4.5" (H) X 3.2" (W) X 1.15" (D)
  • Dual relay outputs: Output A - True PresenceTM, Limited Presence, Output B -Presence (Duplicates Output A)

MODEL K Data Sheet
SKU K-24
Product Loop Detector
Product Type Loop Detectors
Loop Channels Single Channel
Voltage 24V AC
Pin 10 Pin
Secure Side Status Fail-Safe
Manufacturer Reno A&E