Can I Install A Loop Under My Driveway Pavers

Driveway Pavers For Security Loops

Installing gate safety loops when driveway pavers are involved is a challenging task. Sometimes people choose another gate security option like photo eyes for their gate rather than a safety loop because of the complications that come during installation. However, a safety loop offers the most accurate reading of cars trying to enter or exit your gate.

While a driveway with pavers offers an aesthetic look with custom designs, you may need to learn how to install a safety loop under the pavers. If you are determined to use a safety loop for gate access, there are two types of paver applications: hard and soft.

Hard Sub-Base Installation For Driveway Pavers

If you know that under your driveway, the sub-base is concrete or another hard material that cannot be trenched, you cannot use a direct burial loop. Instead, choose a saw cut.

To Install A Saw Cut Loop in a Hard-Sub Base:

  1. First, cut the loop into a hard base.
  2. Then, seal it.

Do not place a loop in the sand layer if the sub-base is hard. Your loop will end up sandwiched between two hard surfaces and eventually cause a short to ground.

Soft Sub-Base Installation For Driveway Pavers

You can dig a trench into the dirt or gravel if your base is soft.

To Install A Direct Burial Loop In A Soft Sub-Base:

  1. First, dig A trench 2” wide and 3” deep following the loop pattern.
  2. Then, use an inch of the sand base before laying the loop down.
  3. Cover the entire loop with 2 ½” sand.

This method insulates the loop with sand so that rocks or other materials do not harm it and allow it to cause a short to ground.

As an important notice, run the lead-in through the conduit when installing a direct burial loop. This is a cheap way to add further protection to your loop. ½” Schedule 40 or 80 rigid PVC is the perfect material to run a lead-through in. Use PVC solvent cement when gluing PVC joints.

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