The IRB-RET2 is the latest version in the IRB line of EMX Retro-Reflective Photo Eye technology. The main differences are both in appearance and capabilities. From a more compact design and more user-friendly features, the IRB-RET2 improves upon the previous IRB-RET model.

IRB-RET vs IRB-RET2 Features




6 UL325 Monitoring Methods Type B1, Non-Contact Sensor Operating Range: 60 ft (18.3m) Potentiometer Sensitivity Adjustment Universal Mounting Bracket All Components Included LED Adjustment Integrated Sensor Hood Ball & Socket Bracket Reflector Extension Bracket Selectable Stealth Mode (LEDs Off)
IRB-RET Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No No
IRB-RET2 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Unique Features Of The IRB-RET2

Easy LED Alignment

The LED alignment feature makes aligning easier than ever. The red LED blinks faster as alignment gets better. A steady red light means perfect alignment has been achieved.

Integrated Sensor Hood

The built-in sensor hood eliminates the need for extra components and provides extra protection for easy setup and operation.

Ball & Socket Bracket

The IRB-RET2 has a ball and socket bracket with a 1/2" threaded conduit connection for easy mounting and alignment.

Reflector Extension Bracket

A reflector extension bracket is included in the IRB-RET2 Kit, which makes adding a reflector quick and easy.

Stealth Mode

The LED light will turn off after 30 seconds of unobstructed alignment, activating only when obstructed. This increases security by keeping your sensor concealed when there are no obstructions while making it visible when there is an obstruction. This mode is selectable.

IRB-RET2 Compared To Other Industry Photo Eyes

The IRB-RET2 has an operating range of 60 feet, supports 6 UL325 monitoring methods, and is compatible with non-monitored methods.

This device works with systems that use:

  • Normally Closed
  • 10k resistive termination
  • Two-wired pulsed (2 freq)
  • Two-wired pulsed (3 freq)
  • Four-wired pulsed (2 freq)
  • Four-wired pulsed (3 freq)
  • Non-monitored systems


Will the IRB-RET2 mount where the original IRB-Ret was mounted?

The IRB-RET2 mounting bracket is compatible with the existing mounting platform of the IRB-RET.

What is the operating range of the IRB-RET2?

The operating range of the IRB-RET2 is 5 ft (1.5 m) to 60 ft (18.3 m).

Do I need to wire the IRB-RET2 to the other side of the roadway?

No, the reflector directs the beam back to the photo eye.

What type of sensor is the IRB-RET2?

The IRB-RET2 is a retroreflective, infrared photo eye type B1 noncontact sensor.

Is the IRB-RET2 compatible with most operators?

Yes, it is compatible with most operators that accommodate monitored external entrapment devices per UL325.

What makes wiring the IRB-RET2 easier?

The IRB-RET2 has detachable screw terminals for easy wiring. This makes removing them to connect wires, plugging them in properly, and securing them easier.

If you have any further questions about the IRB-RET2, please reach out to our friendly sales team. They are happy to help in any way they can!

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