RFID Access Control Systems

What is RFID and How Does It Work?

RFID is a continuously developing innovative technology, offering a reliable solution to efficient access control. RFID, short for radio frequency identification, it is a wireless form of communication that utilizes electromagnetic or electrostatic coupling within the radio frequency. RFID readers and tags are convenient alternative to traditional access control, allowing you to swiftly tap you card against the reader and gain access. All RFID systems have three common components: the scanning antenna, a transceiver, and a transponder or tag. The antenna and transceiver are combined into a single unit often referred to as the reader. The unit and tag are paired by transmitting signals to each other. Once paired the reader scans and translates the signal from the tag, if authorized the tag allows access and opens the gate or door.

EMX RFID Access Control

EMX is constantly revolutionizing access control, optimizing you experience with and management of their access control systems. A recent addition is the TRES RFID Passive reader and tag technology which combine keypad and reader, while the already well-known access control system is the Patriot reader range.

EMX Patriot RFID Readers

Patriot readers are powerful broad operating frequency and high compatibility devices. This range is designed with communication protocols that allow for seamless integration and reliable reading abilities. Other features include LED indicators, built-in relays, and software adjustable parameters.

  • Patriot M: This value long-range reader supports the Wiegand and RS232 communication protocols and offers a read range of 16'-20'.
  • Patriot E: With an even wider range of communication protocols than models M and L, this advanced model is a high-performance long-range RFID reader with an exceptional read range of 18'-25'.
  • Patriot L: This long-range model carries the same features as the Patriot M but extends the read range to 18'-25' and supports more communication protocols.

EMX RFID Keypad-Readers

RFID Keypad-Readers are access control systems with a keypad and integrated RFID card or tag reader. As part of the Tres series, these set the standard for electronic security with 125-kHz proximity readers, cards, and tags and can be mounted on many types of surfaces.

  • P-710-HA Proximity Reader: This unit has a read range of 15 inches and requires little maintenance, optimizing efficiency and security.
  • P-500-HA Proximity Reader: This smaller unit is equipped with advanced features like MAXSecure, has reliable read range of up to 8 inches, and does not require batteries for operation.
  • P-300 Proximity Reade: This unit has a read range of up to 5 inches and is a more compact model. It is durable and comes equipped with advanced features like MAXSecure.

Types of RFID Tags

There are two types of RFID tags: active and passive. Active RFID tags have their own power source, likely a battery, which allows it to send a signal to the RFID reader. Passive RFID tags receiver power from the reading antenna, which sends an electromagnetic wave to induce a current in the RFID tag. Passive RFID readers are more commonly seen as RFID cards rather than tags. The active or passive feature of the tag is not necessarily a consumer consideration, rather the format of your tag is up to you.

There are five main passive RFID tag designs for you to choose from and pair with your access control system. You can boost your brand visibility with windshield tags, or perhaps take a more discreet approach with stealth or viper tags. Check out your options below.

  • Windshield Tag: For vehicle identification and access control, these tags are placed on the windshield for quick and easy identification.
  • Hang Tag: This tag within your vehicle for an unobstructed effortless identification process.
  • Custom Hang Tag: Customizable for branding and easy authorization, these kinds of tags are also placed within the vehicle.
  • Stealth Tag: Mount these tags on any metal surface of your vehicle discreet vehicle identification with an extended range of 25 to 30 feet and a 50 year life span.
  • Viper Tag: Place this smaller discreet tag on your windshield for flexibly and maximalized vehicle identification with a range of 25 to 30 feet.
RFID Proximity Tags and Cards

EMX's mission is to develop industry-leading products that serve your access control needs. Our mission is to provide you these technologically advanced products at an affordable price. If you have any further questions about product features and compatible readers and tags, please reach out to our sales representatives. They are happy to help in any way they can!

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