Simplify Your Safety Edge System

Are you looking for a more reliable and easy-to-install safety edge solution? Something universal? One that sets itself up at the push of a button? What if you no longer have to deal with the maintenance issues or the potential malfunctions that come with wired safety edges?

We have some exciting news: The EMX Wireless Edge Link Sensor WEL-200K is here to simplify how sensing edges interface with gate and door operators!

This innovative and reliable wireless safety edge sensor eliminates wiring, ensuring reliable connections for safe operation.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Versatile with three UL325 monitoring methods
  • Complete kit for easy installation
  • Auto frequency selection for increased reliability in noisy environments
  • Wide 200-foot operating range
  • Multiple transmitter support for connecting up to 4 safety edges
  • Low-cost, long-lasting batteries (2 years!)

View The EMX WEL-200K

We highly recommend the EMX WEL-200K to anyone who needs a reliable safety edge sensor for automatic gates and doors. Don't let the hassle of wired safety edges hold you back any longer. We are confident that the WEL-200K will exceed your expectations and provide a safer and more efficient solution for your automatic gates and doors.

Specification Sheet