The EMX Direct Burial LRS Vehicle Detector Sensor Kit

EMX Vehicle Detector Sensor Kit

While loop safety systems are some of the best when detecting a vehicle’s presence, the labor and machinery needed to put these systems in are often time-consuming. The line from EMX of Direct Burial LRS Vehicle Detector Sensor Kits is created with the installer in mind. Instead of using a nine-separate saw cut, you can use a single-cut loop assembly.

This saves time and money when putting in a loop system and, not to mention, adds a more pleasing appearance to your driveway. If you are curious about how this loop system works, read on to see more kit features.

Does This Burial LRS Kit Still Detect Vehicles Accurately?

This kit is better than most at detecting vehicles thanks to its ability to scan the area for ferrous metals in the detection zone. Instead of just motion, the vehicle’s presence is considered. The latest technology creates a bubble with 3-axis magnetoresistive sensing.

This allows the kit to detect changes in the Earth’s magnetic field. The bubble can be adjusted depending on whether a vehicle is large or small. The signature detect-on-stop feature from EMX vehicle detection systems can be activated if you choose. This feature will only open a gate if a vehicle has stopped entirely.

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What Do These LRS Car Detection Sensor Kits Include?

The LRS revised vehicle loop replacement systems include:

  • Your choice of an LRS-DB direct burial sensor or an LRS-FP flat pack sensor.
  • An LRS-C1 controller.

There are options for a 50’ or 100’ lead-in wire. This system can be installed above ground instead of in the ground if preferred. This kit is a cost-effective method of securing a gate.

Where To Use An EMX Direct Burial LRS Vehicle Detector Sensor Kit

EMX kits can be used in the following ways:

  • Access gates
  • Overhead doors
  • Parking barriers
  • Drive-thru vehicle detection
  • Carwashes

The installation process of this system is versatile and more effortless than traditional safety loop placement. The flat pack sensor can go under asphalt and pavement. If using the direct burial sensor, this can go above the ground in a fixed place. If your sensor is not rigid and moves, this can cause false readings of vehicle detection.

Detection Zones For Vehicle Detector Sensor Kit

This kit has a detection zone of a 5-foot radius and 10-foot diameter. Of course, this zone can be configured to any specifications you desire. When you first place your kit, adjust the sensitivity for your vehicle. If your sensor or kit sensitivity malfunctions, following the same steps as when you first installed the kit is vital. Put your car in front of where you would like it to be sensed, and then adjust the sensitivity.

Want to learn more about the EMX Direct Burial LRS Vehicle Detector Sensor Kit? The following manuals offer some more installation instructions.

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