Sure-Fi Kit - EV Charging Kit - SFK-EV-1000

The Sure-Fi Kit - EV Charging Kit is a revolutionary way to improve the functionality and control of electric vehicle chargers. Designed with auto-shut capabilities, this kit prevents vehicles from becoming overcharged while at a charging station. This not only promotes mindful energy consumption but also ensures the longevity of the vehicle's battery.
Part Number: SFK-EV-1000
$1,287.15 each
$1,287.15 each


Sure-Fi Kit - EV Charging Kit - SFK-EV-1000

Effectively manage the output of your EV charging stations with the addition of Sure-Fi Kit - EV Charging Kit. Able to easily integrate into an existing EV charging assembly, the Sure-Fi Wiegand Bridge allows communication to your access control system so you can effortlessly control the charging process. Once a vehicle's battery has been fully charged, the system will auto-shutoff the charging station to prevent overcharging. This promotes cognizant energy use and also prevents the battery from being overcharged and failing.


  • Controls the abilities of the EV charger
  • Auto shuts off when the battery is fully charged
  • Promotes optimal energy consumption
Name Sure-Fi Kit - EV Charging Kit - SFK-EV-1000
Product EV Charging Kit
Manufacturer Sure-Fi, Inc.
Price $1,287.15