Sure-Fi Kit - Solar 50W - SFK-SOLAR-50W

The Sure-Fi Kit - Solar 50W combines the freedom of wireless connection with the sustainability of solar energy through the use of solar panels to completely power its system. Reduce your carbon footprint while having peace of mind that your access control system always has a reliable source of power to keep things running as they should.
Part Number: SFK-SOLAR-50W

$1,945.83 each


Sure-Fi Kit - Solar 50W - SFK-SOLAR-50W

The Sure-Fi Kit - Solar 50W is a great solution for rural or remote facilities that do not have reliable access to electricity. The kit includes a 50W solar panel that efficiently harnesses the rays of the sun to fully charge the unit to provide a clear and consistent wireless connection. Solar energy is an eco-friendly and dependable way to power your access control system. Due to not needing traditional power sources, this unit can be installed virtually anywhere outdoors, making it a versatile and convenient option.

Kit Includes:

  • 50W Monoc Solar Panel
  • Sure-Fi SFK-DS004-WIEGAND Bridge
  • NEMA Enclosure
  • Wander 10A PWM Solar Charge Controller
  • 20ft 12AWG Solar Adaptor Kit (A pair)
  • MTS-SP100 Pole Mount System
  • MTS-ZB Photovoltaic Module Z-Bracket Mounting System


  • Easy to install
  • Solar powered
  • Eco-friendly
  • Ideal for remote and rural applications
Product Bridge Kit
Power Supply 50W Solar