Reno A&E H2-12-F Vehicle Loop Detector

The Reno A&E H2-12-F Vehicle Loop Detector is a single channel, dual output PC board vehicle detector incorporating reliable vehicle detection and simple settings configuration using easy-to-access DIP and rotary Switches.
Part Number: H2-12-F

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Reno A&E H2-12-F Vehicle Loop Detector

The Reno A&E H1-12-F Vehicle Loop Detector is a direct replacement for the Model H-12-F. It comes with enhanced features and is plug-in compatible with existing Model H-12-F installations. It includes detect and fail indicators and eight detection sensitivity levels to ensure maximum effectiveness. Its detect memory feature also maintains detection during momentary power interruptions and it automatically tunes itself to be operational within two seconds after the application of power or a reset.


  • Detect And Fail Indicators
  • LED Indicates Loop Failures
  • 4 Loop Frequencies Selectable Using DIP Switches
  • 8 Detection Sensitivity Levels, Rotary Switch Selectable
  • Eight Levels of Sensitivity Selectable Using Rotary Switch
  • Super Bright LED Indicators For Loop Fail and Detect/Delay
  • DIP Switch May Be Turned On To Increase Sensitivity Only During Detect State
  • Sensitivity Boost for Gate Operation Where High-Bed Vehicles May Be Encountered
  • Detect Memory Feature Maintains Detection During Momentary Power Interruptions For Up To Two Seconds
  • Detector Will Automatically Tune Itself And Be Operational Within Two Seconds After Application Of Power Or Reset


  • 12V DC Input Power
  • Presence (Output A)
  • 3 Solid-State (FET) Outputs
  • Operating Temperature: -30°F To 180°F
  • Power: 10 - 14 VDC, 21 milliamps Max
  • Delay Outputs A & B for 0, 2, 5, or 10 Seconds
  • Presence, Pulse-On-Entry or Pulse-On-Exit (Output B)
  • Delay Call: 0, 2, 5 or 10 Second Delay Of Output A
  • Output A Selectable For Fail-Safe or Fail-Secure Operation
  • Dimensions: 2.50" (D) X 2.75" (W) x 0.85" (D) (Excluding Connector)
  • Extend Outputs A & B (When In Presence) for 0, 2, 5, or 10 Seconds
  • Connector: Molex 10 Pin In-Line Female, Connector Centered On 2.50" Side Of PCB

H1 Series Loop Detector

H1 Series Instructions

SKU H2-12-F
Product Loop Detector
Product Type Loop Detectors
Loop Channels Single Channel
Voltage 12V DC
Pin 10 Pin
Secure Side Status Optional
Manufacturer Reno A&E