Direct Burial In Ground Preformed Loops

If you are looking for increased security in your gate, a gate opener safety loop from BD could help improve safety by reversing the motion of a gate or stopping a gate when an oncoming vehicle is sensed. Direct burial performed loops are useful in any residential and industrial situation that requires additional security and safety features. If you’re not sure why safety loops are an excellent gate safety solution, these are just a few reasons safety loops are the ultimate defense against future accidents.

Reduction of Air Pockets in Direct Burial Loops

All BD preformed direct burial inductance loops do not have air pockets. This means that there is an immediate reduction in phantom detection. Phantom detection is when slight vibrations caused by weather or other circumstances cause your gate to open unexpectantly. Most safety loops use PVC conduit; however, BD loops are made differently.

Rigorous Testing In U.S. Manufacturing Plant

BD safety loops are mostly made in their manufacturing plant in Placentia, California. Not only are these loops created in the U.S., but all wiring is also American-made. These loops undergo extensive testing before leaving the factory and going under your driveway.

Best Materials For Preformed Loops

Not all safety loops are made alike, and BD inductance loops are built with solid 16 AWG copper wire, making them sturdy. During installation, these loops won’t fall below the rebar pattern. Along with this, the loops all have a thick outer layer to offer protection to the loop and lead-in.

Installation Materials Included For Induction Loops

BD loops come with zip ties and loop function labels to make it simpler to put your loop in. This will make it easier to identify the parts of a loop after installation is complete.

Safety Preformed In Ground Loop
Safety Preformed In Ground Loop

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