Miller Edge MC22 Non-Monitored Striped Extra Sensitive Electric Edge

Miller Edge MC22 2"x2 Black/Yellow Striped, Extra-Sensitive Electric Edge (Per Foot) [ 40 ft. Max Length ]


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$63.00 each
$63.00 each

Price From: $63.00


Miller Edge MC22 Non-Monitored Striped Extra Sensitive Electric Edge

The MC22 pressure sensitive electric edge is custom manufactured to your exact specifications for length, width, height and sensitivity. When touched lightly or at an angle, the MC22 will send an immediate electrical signal to your controls to stop, and/or reverse operations. It is completely flexible and will contour curved surfaces.

The MC style sensing edge is extremely versatile. Contact us with your specifications and we will design the best sensing edge for your application.


  • Extra-sensitive (MC22XS)
  • 4-wire configuration
  • Pneumatic (MCP22) Air-Wave (MCAW
  • 4-wire control panel (MFSC-100)
  • 4-wire intrinsically-safe control panel (FSIS-25-4)


  • Color: Black/Yellow Striped; Top is standard Gray Color
  • Length: Per spec to nearest 1/4”,
  • Sensitivity: 4 psi standard
  • Lead Wire: 2 ft. SJTO 18 gauge - standard
  • Wire Outlet Location: Specify right hand, left hand, end, universal or top..
  • Electrical Requirements: Max. 24 volts 1/2 amp AC or DC power
  • Electrical Diagram: 2-wire, N.O. configuration
  • Contact Element: Alumaglas®
  • Cover Material: Heavy duty reinforced PVC and Extruded PVC
  • Temperature Range: -30ºF to +155ºF


Remove edge from shipping container and lay out flat and straight. Close air valve. Slide edge into accepting channel and wire to operator.

Care of the MC22

Minimal care is required for the MC22 since it is manufactured with only the most durable materials and the highest quality control standards. However, sensing edges should be examined regularly for cuts or punctures which could damage internal components. Also check wiring to be sure connections are secure.

Name Miller Edge MC22 Non-Monitored Striped Extra Sensitive Electric Edge
Product Edge
Cover Color Yellow/Black Striped
Product Type Edges
Post Type Fits Any Shape
Edge Type Standard
Edge Installation Type Slide-In Style
Monitored/Non-Monitored Non-Monitored
Manufacturer Miller Edge, Inc.
Price $63.00

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