OPTEX Vehicle Presence Sensor (18ft Range Microwave Vehicle Presence Sensor) OVS-01GT

The Vehicle Presence Sensor detects moving or stationary vehicles with reliability and accuracy. It features an impressive detection range of up to 18 ft, customizable detection pattern settings that enhance the performance of the vehicle detector, and quick and easy installation as it directly wires to the operator without the use of ground loops that hold up traffic and require a professional. The OVS Series Vehicle Presence Sensor is specially designed by Optex to provide top of the line small or large vehicle detection for parking lots, banks, pharmacies, security gates, and more.
Part Number: OVS-01GT

$333.20 each


OPTEX Vehicle Presence Sensor (18ft Range Microwave Vehicle Presence Sensor) OVS-01GT

The OVS Vehicle Presence Sensor is a vehicle detector that offers reliability, hassle-free installation, one-touch calibration, and a wide range of suitable applications for vehicle presence detection. Designed and manufactured by OPTEX to detect stationary or moving vehicles, the OVS Series Vehicle Presence Sensor detects small or large vehicles with little to no interference from pedestrian traffic due to its customizable microwave and ultrasonic detection pattern settings. This easy-to-install vehicle detector does not require a ground loop system as it wires directly to the operator and features a simplified menu with visual indicators for setup.


  • Mounts 2 To 3 ft High
  • Suitable For Small And Large Vehicles
  • Detects Moving And Stationary Vehicles
  • No Professionals Required For Installation
  • Includes 4 Screws And Installation Manual
  • One-Touch Calibration And Visual Indicators
  • Easy To Install Detector With Simplified Menu
  • Wires Directly To Operator - No Ground Loops Necessary
  • Ignores Pedestrian Traffic For Accurate Vehicle Detection
  • Uses Adjustable Microwave And Ultrasonic Pattern Settings
  • For Security Gates, Parking Lots, Banks, Pharmacies, And More
  • Non-Invasive Set Up To Keep Traffic Unaffected During Process
  • 5 Sensitivity Settings Help With Blocking Pedestrian Interference


  • Input: NO/NC input
  • Power Supply: 12-24VDC
  • Response Time: 500msec
  • Indoor/Outdoor Applications
  • Ultrasonic Frequency: 56KHz
  • Microwave Frequency: 24 GHz
  • Dimensions: 3.15" x 6.89" x 2.85"
  • International Protection Code: IP65
  • Ultrasonic Detection Range: 2ft to 3ft
  • Mounting Height: 2-3 ft Above Ground
  • Microwave Detection Range: 7ft to 18ft
  • Detection Vehicle Speed: 1mph - 12mph
  • Detection Method: Doppler Shift & FMCW/Ultrasonic




Name OPTEX Vehicle Presence Sensor (18ft Range Microwave Vehicle Presence Sensor) OVS-01GT
Product Vehicle Detector
Manufacturer Optex, Inc.
Voltage 12-24V DC
Product Type Sensor
Price $333.20