Are Automatic Gates Safe?

While automatic gates can be safe with the proper safety hardware, some residential or commercial buildings forgo these to save more money. However, a correctly installed safety device is worth paying extra as it could stop several accidents, such as entrapment, impact, and crushing.

If you have concerns about your gate providing the proper safety for pets, children, and adults, a simple safety device could ease all these concerns. Plus, when an accident happens, it is better to be safe than later regret the consequences of not installing a safety device.

Should I Install My Gate?

While you may believe installing your gate will save you thousands of dollars, the consequences could be severe if you do not follow ASTM F2200 Requirements and UL 325 Safety Standards. Working with a professional who knows these standards inside and out is best. There have been a couple of deaths throughout the years due to electric gates, and you do not want to add to this total because of a shoddy installation process.

If you want to read about safety standards, these articles can help you.

Gate Safety Articles:

  • What Are The Safety Requirements For Automatic Gates?
  • ASTM F2200 Requirements
  • UL-325 Safety Standards

  • Common Gate Safety Devices And Their Functions

    Safety Edges

    Safety Edge

    Safety edges work by reversing the motion of a gate by sending an immediate electronic signal to your controls, forcing a stop. These are usually installed at the ends of gates. Safety edges come in many lengths and colors to sit correctly on your gate. Made from durable materials, these safety edges will ensure that your gate reverses motions once it senses an object.

    LED Light Kits

    LED Lights for Gate Safety

    While LED lights will not change any of the automatic controls of your gate, they will make your gate detectable in the dark and stop pedestrians and cars from hitting your gate. Some LED lights even change colors when the gate is in motion. Adding LED lights with a reversing motion device will ensure your gate is extra safe.

    Safety Loops

    Safety Loop Device

    Installing a safety loop is one of the best ways to promote gate safety. These devices are installed under concrete, asphalt, or gravel roads to sense when cars are rolling up to a gate. Direct burial safety loops are installed under a soft sub-base, while saw cut loops can be installed into a hard base. While the installation of these requires a trench, there is no safer way to ensure that a gate does not hit an oncoming object.

    Photo Eyes

    Photo Eye Safety Device

    While photo eyes are well known for their use with driveway gates, these devices can work with just about any sliding or swinging gate. Photo eyes function by communicating with the gate or security camera to reverse or stop the motion of a control board when the infrared beam is interrupted. There are multiple types of photo eyes, including retroreflective, reflective, and dual-beam. Dual-beam photo eyes require a transmitter and receiver, while a retro-reflective eye requires a reflector and receiver. Reflective photo eyes reflect off themselves.

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