Safety Devices

Gate Operator Safety Devices: The important contraptions that keep you, your loved ones, and valuables safe. Gate Opener Safety delivers the widest selection of these safe auto gate parts from top-name manufacturers. Looking for one specific part? At Gate Opener Safety, you can purchase just the item you need. If you're looking for variety, you've come to the right place! We offer a wide selection of auto gate products from top-rated manufacturers. From multi-color harnesses to micro vehicle detectors, exit wands to gate rollers, apartment gate openers to automated gate systems, and gate edges to keypads, we have it all. Our large selection of gate operator safety devices comes with the best prices and lowest shipping rates, and if you don't see what you need, our educated staff will find it!

Common Gate Operator Devices & Their Functions

Gate Rollers

Gate rollers, such as cantilever rollers, allow your slide gate to effortlessly open and close. Cantilever rollers are used to guide the gate track, so it opens smoothly and stays in line. The less friction in your roller, the smoother the operation.

For Round Posts:

For Square Posts:

Exit Wands

Exit Wands sense when a vehicle drives over it, creating a hands-free way to open your gate or garage door Exit Wands are used to monitor the operation of gates during the exit of cars, vehicles, or automobiles. The sensor in the exit wand will activate when a car or other vehicle drives over it. We offer Self-Contained Free Exit Systems that connect directly to any gate operator without an external output board and can be used with solar-powered gates. Our Self-Contained Free Exit Systems are the best automatic gate openers on the current market, featuring improved heat resistance and lightning protection, a single model design for simplified installation, and a new proven digital circuit. This reliable free exit system should be buried along the driveway while the GateMate is hidden and vandal-proof and will efficiently detect moving steel to avoid false openings from animals or objects.

Cartell GateMate Self-Contained Free Exit Systems:

Photo Eyes

Photo beams, photocells, and photo eyes send a signal to stop and reverse gates after the projected beam is broken. These photoelectric eyes use infrared modulators, reflective edges, and laser sensors to monitor motion, position, and distance of objects that may potentially obstruct the operation of your gate and then communicate with your gate or security camera to respond with a programmed reactive response. Check out our most popular Photo Eyes by some of the leading names in the Gate Safety Accessories Industry:

Vehicle Detectors

Vehicle detectors are a vital part of a gate or door system. They identify the presence of a vehicle in their field and communicate a signal to a control unit. Our highest-rated Vehicle Detector, the BEA Falcon Industrial Microwave Motion Detector, utilizes microwave technology that operates at 24.125 GHz (K-band frequency), meaning it can differentiate between vehicular traffic and pedestrians. The sensor is housed in a NEMA-4 rated plastic casing and features a crimp-style connector to prevent water intrusion through the feed cable. Even after it's installed, it's fully adjustable by remote control and sports a unidirectional sensing capability to acknowledge approaching or departing traffic.


  • Mounting height: 11.5' to 23'
  • Microwave and Microprocessor
  • Tilt angle: 0° to 180° In Elevation
  • Can Differentiate Between Vehicular Traffic & Pedestrians
  • Minimum Detection Speed: 2.2"/S (Measured In Sensor Axis)

Safety Edges

Gate edges, when touched lightly, activate pressure-sensitive nodes and send an electrical signal to your controls to stop and/or reverse the operations of your gate or garage door. stocks and ships a wide variety of Safety Edges, including edges only, edges with a channel, and DIY Edge Kits. With two options for installation, we carry both direct mount and slide-in style safety edges, as well as round, square, and fits any shape edges. Most are ideal for sectional or rolling garage doors and will add to the safety of the operation while reducing wear and tear on the door.

For heavy-duty applications of commercial or industrial motorized doors, we stock Do-It-Yourself Kits in which you can select your edge length for a seamless installation.