Safety Devices

Gate Operator Safety Devices: The important contraptions that keep you, your loved ones and valuables safe. Gate Opener Safety delivers the widest selection of these safe auto gate parts from top-name manufacturers. Looking for one specific part? At Gate Opener Safety, you are able to purchase just the item you need.

If you're looking for variety, you've come to the right place! We offer a wide selection of auto gate products from top-rated manufacturers. From multi-color harnesses to micro vehicle detectors, exit wands to gate rollers, apartment gate openers to automated gate systems, and gate edges to keypads, we have it all. Our large selection of gate operator safety devices comes with best prices and lowest shipping rates, and if you don't see what you need, our educated staff will find it!

Listed below are some gate operator devices and the functions they perform.

Gate rollers, such as cantilever rollers, allow your slide gate to effortlessly open and close. Cantilever rollers are used to guide the gate track so it opens smoothly and stays in line. The less friction in your roller, the smoother the operation.

Exit wands sense when a vehicle drives over it, creating a hands-free way to open your gate or garage door. Exit wands are used to monitor the operation of gates during exit of cars, vehicles, or automobiles. The sensor in the exit wand will activate when a car or other vehicle drives over it.

Photo beams, photocells, and photo eyes send a signal to stop and reverse gates after the projected beam is broken. These photoelectric eyes use infrared modulators, reflective edges, and laser sensors to monitor motion, position, and distance of objects that may potentially obstruct the operation of your gate, and then communicate with your gate or security camera to respond with a programmed reactive response.


Loop detectors can detect vehicles passing or arriving at certain points. They allow users to exit or enter an automated gate opener or automatic gate operator based on the presence of a vehicle, car, or automobile.

Gate edges, when touched lightly, activate pressure-sensitive nodes and send an electrical signal to your controls to stop, and/or reverse the operations of your gate or garage door.

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